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*Co-Written by Marina Rivera*

Formerly titled, "Vital Remains", this album was originally a collaboration between my best friend, Marina and myself. The idea/concepts for this album came together in 2008-2016 at J.D. Meisler Middle School, Grace King High School, and Bonnabel Magnet Academy High School. We were originally supposed to begin the recording process after my 4th album, "If The Devil Wrote Songs" was released, but unfortunately, she passed away. During our freshman year of high school at Grace King, we made a promise that no matter what, this album would see the light of day. She played a huge role in every single song on this album, from subject matter to production. We co-wrote a nice percentage of the verses in seventh grade, and now this album is finally coming to fruition. I just wish it was under better circumstances. The album is separated into two acts. The first half of the album is the lighter side, with the second half being the darker side. This album is dedicated to my best friend, Marina Rivera. I love and miss you.


Letter to Marina

Dear Marina,

You were always a standout by your cute character and your big heart. I was so fortunate to have you as my best friend for eight years. You were like a sister to me, always by my side no matter what happened, for better or worse. It's been over a year, and I still see you every where I go. Right now, sorrow fills my heart knowing that I'll never be able to hug you again. You were so happy and motivating even when we both were going through it. I learned to be brave because of you. I've never been closer to another person, and now I feel empty inside. I love you Marina, and that's why I'm holding up our promise. You'll always be the best friend that I've ever had, and I'll never get over this. But I'll deal with it like we dealt with everything in middle school. I remember the day we met like it just happened. You were the only person that I ever let help me write a song. I wish they could hear your beautiful vocals on this album. Time won't heal this type of wound, and I'll always keep you close to my heart. Frustration.
- Byron


released March 9, 2016

1. I. Weepah Way [Prod. By PenthosMusic]

2. The City Interlude [Prod. By Bless Brian]

3. C.W.G. (Depression Flow) [Prod. By MKSB]

4. Kelsey Flot [Prod. By RELTA]

5. The Verge [Prod. By Charlie Rose & DYEB]

6. Survivor's Guilt (Intermission) [Prod. By Prime & illWillBeatz]

7. Infinity Bullet (Ft. Aposoul) [Prod. By tunnA Beatz]

8. II. Bristin’s Interlude [Prod. By KingKdn & Classixs Beats]

9. To Live/To Die (Love Always) [Prod. By 808KING & Luck]

10. Kate Marsh & The Dark Room [Prod. By Demitrean]

11. Die Alone (Intermission) [Prod. By KingKdn & Omito]

12. Now I Lay II [Prod. By zwieR.Z]

13. unplug (Sadistic Dance) [Prod. By Max Machina & WLMG]

14. Shattered Heart [Prod. By Syndrome]

• "I. Weepah Way" contains interpolations of "Mortal Man", performed by Kendrick Lamar and samples “Already Over” by Red.

• "The City Interlude" contains a sample of radio personality Angie Martinez's December 2014 interview with J. Cole for Power 105.1.

• "C.W.G. (Depression Flow)" samples "Don't Say A Word" by Ellie Goulding.

• "Survivor's Guilt (Intermission)" contains an excerpt from Marina Esmeralda Rivera.

• “Infinity Bullet” contains interpolations of “Keep It 100” by Royce Da 5’9”

• "II. Bristin Jones Interlude" samples "Angels" by The XX.

• "Shattered Heart" samples "Ghosts" by Blue Foundation.



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